Be smart before you leave for the holidays

MARIETTA, Ohio (WTAP) With the holidays upon us many are leaving their homes empty and unattended., so it's an ideal time of year for criminals.

Officials say you should not post on social media when and where you're going. They say that invites thieves to come to your home.

Have neighbors check in on your home, including getting your mail and newspaper.

Leave a porch light on and try to leave a car in the driveway.

Most importantly, do not leave anything of value sitting out.

"If you're going to be leaving for two, three or four days, you can stop and check in with us. We will put you on a list and we will drive by and check your house to make sure that everything is okay," says Washington County Sheriff, Larry Mincks.

Officials also say to regulate your temperature so pipes don't burst while you are away.

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