Belpre drug tests students, all clean

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BELPRE, Ohio (WTAP) Belpre City Schools is encouraging students to say "no" to drugs by randomly drug testing.

So far, all students have come back clean.

Belpre lost rising senior, Hunter Burkey, to a heroin overdose in 2015. His death inspired the school to take steps to stop drug use in teens.

They randomly select 20 students at a time and have them take a drug test.

More than 50% of the seventh to twelfth grade students are eligible to be tested.

They are all involved in sports, clubs, or drive to school.

"It's been a real positive thing so far for our community and we just hope that it gives kids one more reason to say, 'No thanks, I can't do that. I want to play sports or I want to drive to school or I want to be in the National Honor Society, so I can't use,'" says Belpre superintendent, Tony Dunn.

Dunn says the system is designed to catch kids and get them help, not punish them. They want kids to participate, but also be healthy.

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