Wood County seeks to curb employees' personal use of purchasing cards

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) They're used to buy goods for Wood County.

But some officials are concerned they could be used for personal purchases.

Facing a tight budget, Wood County may remind its employees of their proper use, before they're in trouble with the law.

County officials say they routinely seek reimbursement from employees who have bought personal items with purchasing cards, or "P-cards".

Commissioner Jimmy Colombo Thursday reminded his fellow commissioners of the problem he faced when he returned to the Parkersburg Mayor's office two years ago.

In some cases, he recalled, employees had even been reimbursed for buying personal items.

"If you bought gas with a P-card, and you went in and bought yourself a donut, you're actually breaking the law for doing that," said Colombo, who resolved the city issue after consulting with West Virginia's Attorney General. "That card cannot be used that way. And if it's a dollar or more, if it's an entrusted taxpayers card, it's a felony."

Meanwhile, the commission voted to hire three new, full-time deputies for the sheriff's department.

Joshua D. McLaughlin, Clayton P. Nichols and Joshua S. Poe will all be paid $32,603.

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