Marietta event raises awareness of Elder Abuse

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The National Council on Aging reports that every five seconds an elder in the United States is abused.

That's why the Washington County Elder Abuse Awareness Coalition is begging you to get informed and help.

The coalition held an information fair Saturday morning from 10 a.m to 1 p.m.

People could learn about all of the different senior services offered in Washington County.

For example, the Washington County Sheriff's Office held a drug-take back at one of the booths.

Those from the Elder Abuse Coalition say there's a correlation between those that abuse dogs, those that abuse children and those that abuse elders.

Gail Rymer says, "the other part that's kind of sad is, as drug abuse becomes more prevalent the elders are even more of a target. People like grandma and grandpa aren't going to turn in a son or grandson who takes their money or wants to keep them in the home despite neglect because they want to have access to their assets."

The Washington County Sheriff's Office says you are always welcome to dispose of prescription pills at their 4th Street office location.