Frontier staff can carry weapons at school

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NEW MATAMORAS, Ohio (WTAP) Like many schools, Frontier Local Schools prepares for active shooters by doing drills and training activities, but now... they're taking it one step further.

Frontier staff, teachers, and administrators can now carry concealed weapons at school.

This comes after the resolution was passed at Tuesday night's board of education meeting.

The policy goes into effect immediately and only applies to those individuals approved by the administration.

It is on a volunteer basis and no staff members will be required to participate.

The program is confidential. No one in the school will know who is carrying weapons, except the administration.

The superintendent says the board did not come to this decision lightly.

"We took a look at whenever there's an active shooter, how long it takes for the situation to come under control and this just provides our district with another avenue to help in those situations," says Frontier superintendent, Brian Rentsch.

The school will not be paying for individuals to get their concealed carry license. All of that will be covered by the volunteer.

All individuals must complete active shooter training, tactical training and be re-certified each year.

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