UPDATE: Parkersburg Humane Society remains on quarantine; waiting for Canine Distemper test results

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PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (WTAP) - UPDATE: 8/16/2017, 7:03 P.M.

A Parkersburg animal shelter remains closed, one week after it shut its doors because of an outbreak of a canine illness.

Last week, the Humane Society of Parkersburg announced it was in quarantine, after two dogs at the shelter tested positive for canine distemper.

On Monday, the shelter tested more than 60 dogs for the disease, and submitted those tests to the veterinary division of the University of Wisconsin.

The shelter hopes to get the test results back sometime this week, so they can figure out when to reopen.

Michelle Earl, the Humane Society of Parkersburg's executive director, said, "Until we get the results back from the University of Wisconsin we are going to remain on a quarantine status, because we don't want to impact dogs that are coming in from the community into our shelter. As we know this is a very communicable disease and most of the dogs that come into the shelter are not vaccinated when they arrive, although we do vaccinate them when they come into intake."

The Humane Society of Parkersburg is closed for adoptions and shelter intakes.

But you can still adopt cats from Pet Supplies Plus, or through foster care, by contacting the shelter.

UPDATE: 8/14/2017, 11:08 A.M.

The Humane Society of Parkersburg Executive Director, Michelle Earl, says that tests on dogs were sent in today for further results of canine distemper.

ORIGINAL STORY: 8/11/2017, 7:03 P.M.

On Thursday, the Parkersburg humane society announced their temporary closing due to some sickness in the shelter.

After some testing done on Monday, the University of Wisconsin stated the tests came back positive for Canine Distemper.

Executive Director of the Humane Society, Michelle Earl says, “We vaccinate upon intake, you know we have very strict protocols, so you know this most likely was brought into our shelter from an unvaccinated dog. And we are doing our best to try to control it as we can.”

As a precautionary measure, the shelter will remain closed and will continue to evaluate dogs for further cases.

Earl states, “We know we are going to be testing every dog in our shelter on Monday. And we will be sending those out and we expect to have results from those within 48 hours. And then we will determine the plan from there on how long this quarantine may be in effect. The quarantine is really in effect to protect any dogs that would be coming into our shelter because we do know we do have some sickness going on in our shelter.”

During the outbreak, the shelter is in need of all types of donations, including gowns, gloves, kennels, and food.

Right now the annual dog and cat food drive is taking place, where anyone can drop off a donation of dog or cat food at The Gift Gallery in Vienna, and receive a discount on purchases at The Gift Gallery.

Victoria West, owner of The Gift Galley, says,

“Basically what we ask is our customers to come in and bring in a certain pound of whatever they are comfortable with and in return, to show our appreciation, we give them a discount of whatever they want to purchase.”

As the organizer of the food drive, West explains the shelter's current struggles, in addition to the current quarantine.

“That this time of year is really difficult for the Humane Society of Parkersburg, because people are gone and they travel a lot during the summer, and this is often the time where they are typically the most full with their schedules."

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