Back-to-school: Look out for the big yellow buses

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) Wood County students head back to school on Thursday, and that means school zone driving rules will be back in place.

We talked to safety officials about some school bus safety to refresh your minds.

The Transportation Director of Wood County Schools says first and foremost, take your time.

The speed limit in a school zone is 15 miles per hour.

He says these laws are put in place for the safety of the students and drivers.

The problem they see the most often is drivers passing school buses that have their red lights on.

"If you come up on a school bus from the back, just be patient. It could be a special needs bus that may be loading a wheelchair and it will take a couple minutes. A couple minutes that you wait, rather than passing that bus, where you could seriously injure or kill a student or someone else," says Wood Co. Schools Transportation Director, Richard Lance.

The offenses for passing school buses have gone up. Your first offense will cost you up to $1,000.

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