Multiple schools go on lockdown, but not all notified parents

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PARKERSBURG, (WTAP) - Immediately following Tuesday's shooting in Mineral Wells, Parkersburg South High School and Mineral Wells Elementary were placed on lock down.

High school students' parents were concerned since they weren't told what was going on.

Assistant Superintendent Mike Fling says at 8:26 a.m. the school board was notified by the 911 center of the fatal shooting in mineral wells.

Both Mineral Wells Elementary and Parkersburg South were placed on lock down.

Fling says district protocol allows schools to send a messenger alert call to notify parents of domestic issues surrounding the school.

While Mineral Wells Elementary did this for their students Parkersburg South did not.

Fling says it's up to the school whether or not they want to send this phone call.

This left Parkersburg South High School students' parents concerned about their kids' safety and angered with the school district.

We spoke to the principal of Parkersburg South to find out why students' parents weren't notified.

Patterson said, "It depends on what the situation is. At the high school level it's very different than if you were at an elementary school. I was an elementary school principal for many, many years and in that case you would still probably put something in writing or a phone call to parents and things. I was able to verbalize over the intercom system what was going on and with high school students, they're very capable of communicating that information."

Patterson says parents were free to call and email her, but felt that the students were able to notify their guardians on their own.

Parkersburg South High School lifted the lock down around noon and mineral wells elementary lifted theirs about an hour later.

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