New Teacher/New Hire Orientation

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP)- The school year starts back up next week and with kids out enjoying the last few days of summer, 1st year teachers are getting some last minute advice.

The Wood County Board Office hosted a new teacher orientation.
During the orientation, first year teachers are taught about resources available to them and requirements they have to undergo in the wood county school system.

Directors and employees of Wood county Schools attended the orientation to share all types of information the teachers may find helpful.

Superintendent, John Flint, says “And at this time we would like to show them what a great support staff we have for them. And also to relieve some fears and replace fear with confidence during this time.”

Director of Human Resources for Wood County Schools, Sean Francisco, says “It’s also a part of their mentoring process because all new teachers in West Virginia are not only required but certainly encouraged to have a mentor and use that mentor.”

There will be another orientation tomorrow as well as later on in the year that will cover more in-depth topics.

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