Update: Recovery Point opens its Parkersburg treatment center

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) Update: 10/11/2017 6:00 P.M.

Recovery Point's treatment center in Parkersburg officially opens to patients Thursday.

But its ribbon-cutting ceremony happened Wednesday afternoon.

It's the Huntington-based company's latest location. It opened its first center there in 2011, after organizing in 2007, and also has locations in Charleston and Bluefield.

People who are part of the staff of the 85-bed Parkersburg center have themselves been through the substance abuse recovery program.

"At Recovery Point, they surrounded me with people who showed me to do anything different than what I'd always done," said Demian Byrne, a team member. "I've had so much fun getting this started, and I cannot wait to see what happens in Parkersburg once people get through."

Recovery Point offers its services as an alternative to jail or a medical treatment facility.

It says more than two-thirds of its graduated maintain recovery for at least a year after completing the treatment program.

Update: 1/11/2016 5:30 P.M.

An addiction recovery center is months away from opening a location in Parkersburg.

Recovery Point of West Virginia is a long-term residential recovery program for substance abuse. It already has location in three cities across the state.

It just got a $650,000 federal grant for its new Parkersburg location in the former Naval Armory on Emerson Avenue.

It is about to begin renovation work at that building.

"Once we begin the renovations, our project timeline for completion is approximately four months," says Executive Director Matt Boggs. "We would open the facility immediately following those renovations."

Boggs says Recovery Point will share that building with an organization serving the homeless.

Integrated Community Services will be located in the front of the building, while Recovery Point will occupy the back.

Recovery Point has a monthly advisory meeting Boggs says interested people can attend.

For more information, e-mail the organization at info@recoverypoint.org.


A new facility to deal with an epidemic.
It's already been established in one of West Virginia's largest cities.

It's called Recovery Point, and it has 100 beds at its first location in Huntington, and more in a location in Bluefield.

It is looking for a site in Parkersburg.

One site it's interested in: the former U.S. Navy Armory building on Emerson Avenue.

A representative of Westbrook Health Services told the Wood County Commission Monday it would be the next step after treatment at the Westbrook facility.

"It takes lots of different approaches for people, because we're all individuals and we all get sobriety a different way," said Westbrook's Karen Schimmel. "So, hopefully, it will be an asset to our community."

The commissioners were told Recovery Point houses clients up to a year, and has been very successful in five years of operation in Huntington.

Matt Boggs, the organization's executive director, says it could be several months before there's a final plan to locate in Parkersburg.

It is currently negotiating with federal officials for the Emerson Avenue site.