Pedestrian hit by car at Chemours Washington Works in Parkersburg

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - According to the Wood County Sheriff’s Office, at 6:13 A.M. Monday, deputies were called to a pedestrian accident in the west parking lot of the Chemours Washington Works Plant at 8480 DuPont Road in Parkersburg.

Deputies say 46-year-old Christopher Doak was driving his car on a road between the parking lot and a nearby building, when 38 year old Shaun Harris, who was walking from his car to a building, crossed the road in front of Doak’s car and was hit.

The deputies noticed at the scene frost was covering part of the windshield and side windows of Doak’s car, and say that poor visibility may have contributed to the accident.

According to deputies at the scene, Harris had minor abrasions and was taken to the Marietta Memorial Hospital Belpre Campus emergency room, where a hospital spokesperosn says he was treated and released.

Doak was not issued a citation because the accident happened on private property at the Chemours plant, not on a public road.

The Wood County Sheriff’s Office reminds all drivers to maintain safe visibility in their vehicles by thoroughly cleaning fog, frost or ice off their vehicle’s windows before driving.

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