Proposed legislation to change West Virginia tax system

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Changes to the Mountain State's tax system are making its way through the Senate.

Charleston, capital of West Virginia, is marked by the circle with the star on this map.

Senate Bill 335 would get rid of the 6% sales tax. In it's place would be an 8% general consumption tax.

It's all in an effort to tackle the state's projected $450 million budget deficit. While half of the members of the Senate are on board, others are still questioning it.

"Half of our population live on the border, and you just take us in Pleasants and Wood County, it's, you know, five minutes over to Ohio where you can make your purchase. And I'm just afraid that's what's going to happen," said Senator Donna Boley, (R-WV.)

Other senators, like Republican Mike Azinger, believe lowering the income tax rate and eventually getting rid of it by 2032 could be transformational for the state.

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