UPDATE: Main Street in Pomeroy reopens after crews clear out rock slide

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POMEROY, Ohio (WTAP) - UPDATE: 3/19/17 7:00 P.M.

Main Street in Pomeroy is back open.

On Sunday morning, crews finished clearing out the remnants of a rock slide that forced the closure of Main Street in Pomeroy.

The slide occurred early Friday morning shutting down both lanes of traffic.

Pomeroy Police say there were no reported injuries.

Power was turned off for several hours on Friday but it has since been restored.

Drivers were forced to take a detour through Middleport, Ohio as crews
worked to clean the area.


A rock slide is causing trouble for drivers in Pomeroy.
Several lanes of traffic are shut down, thanks to a massive boulder that’s breaking apart and sliding down onto roadways.
This is video of the slide on State Route 833. It happened around 3:30 Friday morning. The rock sits atop a hill near the highway and it split in two due to a natural fracture, shedding parts of the rock onto Main Street.

ODOT worker Andy Mooreland says,

"It's been there some time but it had a natural fracture in it, and that natural fracture through a freeze thaw cycle, can get greater and break it apart. and also the ground underneath was saturated due to the rains, and a spring on the hill, so with that the slope could no longer hold the rock up on the hill and it came down."

Both lanes are shut down until further notice, and crews are working to remove the debris and break down the rock, to prevent it from slipping back into the road. The Ohio Department of Transportation says it has been in Pomeroy all day working to clear the roadway.

ODOT spokesperson Ashley Rittenhouse says,

"Our crews are committed to getting everything back to normal as quickly as possible so this road can be reopened. We understand it's a busy road and it's the main road through Pomeroy, so they are going to be working throughout the day, even throughout the night, until this situation is taken care of."

We will keep you updated with the status of the road repair on WTAP News on-air, and at www.thenewscenter.tv.

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