Thieves steal empty ATM from Cross Creek General Store in Vinton County

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VINTON COUNTY, OHIO Owners of an Ohio convenience store are cleaning up a mess, after someone broke inside and stole the store’s ATM, which was empty.

Betsy Smith, owner of the Cross Creek General Store in Vinton County, Ohio, says she was woken up early Saturday morning, when the store’s security alarm went off after the thieves broke in.

When she got to the store, she saw the burglars had smashed the glass and stolen the ATM.

The only problem is, the ATM is emptied each night at closing, and there was even a sign that said so, right on the ATM.

Smith says she's not sure who would have done something like this, but says she's taking it all in stride.

“I would hope there's a reason why they felt the need to go in and do something like that. I mean, I hope they would just turn themselves in, because they're going to get caught. It's part of being a business owner, and we just have to accept that. We will pick up, clean up, and move on.”

Police are still searching for the suspects.

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