Update: Stephanie Joy sentenced to 1-5 years in prison

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Update: 8/1/2017 2:00 P.M.

Stephanie Joy, 27, of Parkersburg, is sentenced to 1-5 years in prison after pleading guilty to child neglect causing risk of injury, after her 2-year-old son overdosed on heroin and had to be revived with 2 doses of narcan in February, 2017.

Nearly six months after her two-year old son was brought to Camden Clark Medical Center while overdosing on drugs, the child's mother receives her sentence in a Wood County courtroom.

Stephanie Joy, 27, was sentenced to one to five years in prison, after her plea in April to child neglect causing risk of injury.

The child was treated at the hospital with Narcan, and released a few days later.

The attorney representing Joy wanted alternative sentencing, saying she completed a 90-day treatment program for her own drug addiction.

"She is prepared to make a positive out of that, and make that a motivation to be clean and sober," said attorney Shane McCullough. "Essentially, we're asking the court to give her the opportunity to do that."

Judge Jason Wharton rejected that motion.

"It's somewhat of a concern that it took an incident like this to get her to get help," noted Assistant Wood County Prosecutor Jeremy Wolfe. "We would like to see someone get help before it escalates to this extent; someone almost lost his life, a two-year old child."

After Joy completes her sentence, she will be under supervised release for several years afterward.

Judge Wharton said while the welfare of a child is a parent's primary concern, Joy instead chose a drug habit-one costing her $1,600 a month.

Update: 4/20/17

A Parkersburg woman charged with child endangerment after her young son overdosed on heroin and had to be revived with Narcan pleaded guilty on Wednesday.

27-year-old Stephanie Joy pleaded guilty yesterday in Wood County Circuit Court to a charge of child neglect creating risk of injury.

She's scheduled to be sentenced at 9 a.m. on June 19th.

This comes after a call Joy placed to Wood County 911 on January 29th, where she said her two-year-old son was not breathing and unresponsive.

The child was taken to Camden Clark Medical Center, where two doses of Narcan were administered.

He was stabilized, but was flown to a hospital in Morgantown for further observation and treatment.

Update: 2/13/17

A Camden Clark paramedic, a Camden Clark nurse and a Parkersburg Police detective testified Monday afternoon about how they responded to the Feb. 2 incident when a 2-year-old Parkersburg boy allegedly overdosed while in the care of his mother, 27-year-old Stephanie Joy.

Paramedic Jaime Bell says he found the child struggling to breathe upon arrival at Joy's Lynn Street home..

"He was maybe breathing four or five times a minute so at that time I picked him up and took him to the ambulance," he said.

Bell says Joy rode along in the ambulance to the hospital and appeared concerned for her child. Once at the hospital, four doses of narcan, an opioid antagonist, were administered on the child.

"The child was immediately revived, woke up started crying and became aware of its surroundings," he said.

Angela Barry, a nurse at Camden Clark, testified the boy's reaction to narcan was consistent with an opioid-overdose reaction. She said one dose of narcan usually works.

"If somebody takes an opioid, it lasts longer than the narcan does," she said.

"So a large amount of opioids in someone's system is going to affect everyone different, so being that he's little and not knowing how much he's had in his system and giving that amount is unusual."

Because of the amount of narcan administered, the 2-year-old was sent to a Morgantown hospital for special care.

Parkersburg Police say during the investigation they found what appears to be suboxone in Joy's home. Further testing will confirm the nature of the substance.

The case now moves to a grand jury.

Update: 2/6/2017

A preliminary hearing for Stephanie Joy, charged in connection with her child's possible overdose, is set for February 13.

Update: 2/4/2017

Police say the two-year-old Parkersburg boy who suffered from an overdose has been released from the hospital.

Police say he overdosed on some kind of opiate. The toxicology report hasn't come back, so they can't tell exactly which kind just yet.

The child's mother, Stephanie Joy, was arrested. She's charged with child neglect creating the risk of death or injury, which is a felony.

It reportedly happened at joy's home on Lynn Street around four in the morning Thursday.

A two-year-old Parkersburg boy is recovering in a Morgantown hospital after possibly overdosing.

The mother, 27-year-old Stephanie Joy of Parkerburg, has been arrested and charged with child neglect creating the risk of death or injury, a felony.

She was arraigned before Wood County Magistrate Brenda Marshall, who set bond at $250,000.

Authorities responded to Joy's Lynn Street home about 4 a.m. Thursday and found the boy unresponsive.

Parkersburg police say Joy told officers at the scene that her son had been having trouble breathing.

The boy was taken by ambulance to Camden Clark Medical Center where authorities say he was given Naloxone, commonly called Narcan, a drug often used to reverse the effects of a drug overdose.

They are not sure, however, what kind of drug the child ingested.

"The fact that Narcan was used on the child, and the child became responsive, is an indication there was some form of opiate inside the system or the body of that child," said Parkersburg Police Chief Joe Martin.

He was taken to a Morgantown hospital for further evaluation and treatment.

A criminal complaint says in late January, a roommate overdosed in the restroom at the residence where police responded to Thursday morning's call. Chief Martin said Friday it is not believed the child was at the residence at that time.

He says a total of four people lived there-Joy, her boyfriend, the roommate and the child.

The complaint also says that, Wednesday night, Joy and her boyfriend used heroin in the parking lot of the Seventh Street Go-Mart in Parkersburg. Joy told police the child was home with the roommate at the time.

Chief Martin says additional charges could be pending against Joy, as well as her roommate, David Smith, and boyfriend, Andrew Britton.

Police investigators and West Virginia child-protective services workers are continuing an investigation to determine what the boy ingested.

Joy failed to post bond and is being held at the North Central Regional Jail.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Parkersburg Police Department at 304-424-8444.

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