WVDOH plans construction projects in Williamstown, South Parkersburg, and near the Memorial Toll Bridge

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) A lot of the projects planned for Wood and nearby West Virginia in 2017 have been in the works for years. A right-of-way dispute has kept the DOH from work on converting the interstate 77 interchange at Williamstown into a continuous roundabout.

There could be some comdemnation of Go-Mart property at that location, not including the gas station itself, to make that happen. And there could be other modifications in the project.

"Right now, there's been a conflict of traffic coming in and out turning left and right," says Rusty Roten, District 3 Engineer, West Virginia Division of Highways. "We're going to make it right only, coming from the interstate. But they'll still have full access going on the roundabout to go back to the interstate."

More work is expected on route 95 and 14 in South Parkersburg. And addition of a third lane will continue on state route 2 at Hoagland, as will paving work on Seventh Street in Parkersburg.

A new project involves the addition of a turn lane on the West Virginia side of the Memorial Toll Bridge.

"So there's not as much conflict from people trying to turn into the VA clinic, so there's not so much traffic backed up there now," Roten says. "We're going to make two lanes of traffic for a right turn there, so that should lessen the backup."

Some projects will begin in the spring, but most will happen during what to most people is the "orange barrel" season: in the summer and early fall.