Opioid Crisis aiding in the exhaustion of funds at Children Services Board

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As the number of families affected by the Opioid Epidemic rises in the Mid-Ohio Valley, more and more children are placed into foster care.

Now, a local children services board is scrambling for money to place children put in their care.

The Washington County Children Services Board has seen a dramatic increase in placement over the last four years due to the epidemic.

Six months ago, they met with Washington County Commissioners.

To make do with the budget of $150,000 a month, the board had been taking advances.

Now, they say even that's not enough.

"For the year we've had 114 kids in placement so far from January to the end of September," says Jamie Vuksic, Executive Director of Washington County Children Services.

"The end of September we have had 77 kids in care and 28 of them were placed out of county due to mental health needs, behavioral issues,or drug and alcohol issues. Those needs are costly. Our max right now is $350 dollars per child per day, but we have gone as high as $375 dollars a day, per child in the past," says Vuksic.

Other counties unaffected by the crisis are able to help Washington County financially for the time being.

The board had a meeting this Thursday with the commissioners to discuss their plans.

Children Services Board is looking to get a children's placement levy put on the ballot next spring.