Wood County school system facing midyear budget cuts

PARKERSBURG, WV (WTAP)-- Wood County schools are facing a midyear budget reduction from the state, which has administrators huddling.

The Board of Education learned of a $517,000 shortfall that is being passed down from the state of West Virginia.

Finance Director Connie Roberts described the problem and suggested that staff and school directors could help try to trim expense to cope.

Several board members agreed that some strategic planning has helped to prepare for this day, but that further reductions could be implemented.

At the same time, Superintendent John Flint and Board President Lawrence Hasbargen thanked the voters of Wood County for passing the recent bond levy - -the only county in West Virginia to do so - so that much-needed roof repairs and other projects could proceed.

The board will plan for a separate presentation day to hear suggestions from school directors on how they can make cuts.

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