Wood County Assessor suggests county businesses have licenses

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PARKERSBURG, W.Va.-(WTAP) 3/20/2017

The Wood County Assessor's office is making proposals that could impact the county's budget in a year or so.

David Nohe asked the commission Monday to consider requiring firms doing business in the county to apply for a license.

This is already required of businesses operating in Wood County's cities-Nohe mentioned instituting a licensing system when he was mayor of Vienna-but not in the county itself.

Aside from the revenue brought in from license fees, Nohe says it would help his office keep track of business activity county-wide.

"It would be the taxpayer's or the business owner's responsibility to call us if they close their business," Nohe said. "That way, it would help every department here, and I think it would bring in more income. It's a lot better than thinking about raising stuff."

He suggested a "nominal" fee, such as $5, to purchase the licenses.

Nohe says the assessor's office also plans to closely track the taxes paid on mobile homes, and people who move to the state who do not have West Virginia vehicle tags.