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West Virginia State Lottery

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Winning Numbers: 05-06-07-09-26, Hot Ball: 08
Last Draw: 01/28/2015
Current Jackpot: $4,160,000.00

Cash 25

Winning Numbers: 02-08-11-16-18-22
Last Draw: 01/30/2015

Daily 4

Winning Numbers: 2-0-7-1
Last Draw: 01/30/2015

Daily 3

Winning Numbers: 5-2-5
Last Draw: 01/30/2015



A certain someone is a real friend to you today, especially if you need a shoulder to cry on and they're also good fun to have around. This is a super day to draw closer to some of the people in your life, and to appreciate what you give one another. You might also have a lucky encounter with someone that will definitely work out to your advantage.


It feels as though you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders. You're facing a stack of work and you're short of time. You may also have a lot of obligations that you've got to meet, making you wonder how on earth you're going to fit them in. Are things really this bad? If they are, you need to do something to reduce your workload before it really gets you down.


You're quite happy to live and let live today, and to take people as you find them. You certainly have no desire to judge them for being different from you, or to tell them how they should behave. If you're with children, they might enjoy hearing you tell them some fairy or ghost stories, or playing a game with you that gets their imagination going.


You're full of energy and enthusiasm, making it a great start to the weekend. Have a look round your home or office so you can see what needs to be done, such as tidying things up or doing some cleaning. If you're running out of time, don't be shy about asking someone to give you a hand because teamwork promises to be good fun right now.


Make an effort to get on well with your neighbors and other people you see on a daily basis. If things have been rather tricky with someone recently, this is a good day for burying the hatchet and starting afresh. If this means being the first to say sorry, or the first to break the silence, then so be it. You're feeling magnanimous enough to do it without feeling resentful, and it will certainly show you in a good light.


No matter what else you're doing today, try to find the time for an activity that really means a lot to you. This might mean bathing the children, playing with your pet or listening to your favourite piece of music. You're feeling energetic and will enjoy doing something physical, provided it's got some sort of meaning for you. For instance, a walk through a beautiful park with your best friend will mean much more than working up a sweat on a rowing machine all by yourself. Unless that's your idea of heaven, of course!


This is a day for keeping yourself fully occupied; you'll feel slightly lost if you don't have enough to do. If you've got time on your hands, go for a walk or a swim, and preferably take someone along to keep you company. If you're involved in a local event or group you may have to put a lot of energy into it right now.


You're in a rather secretive mood today, which is hardly unusual for a Scorpion. Yet you're also feeling rather generous, so it's a good day for buying someone a present and then keeping it a secret until you're ready to give it to them. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity to buy your beloved a Valentine's Day card or present, and then keep it on top of the wardrobe until the magic day dawns?


If you've been waiting for the right time to persuade a friend to do something, this is the day to speak up. If they aren't interested after hearing your spiel, they'll never be. This is also a good opportunity to arrange a social event for later in the week, so you've got something to look forward to. You'll also enjoy getting completely involved in a hobby or taking part in a group event.


It's a gloomy end to the month as you're down-in-the-mouth and rather low-key, and it won't help if you're expected to hold the fort at home or at work while everyone else goes off and enjoys themselves. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to shake off your negative attitude and unless you make a big effort it will linger even if your day improves. So start smiling and remind yourself of all the positive things in your life.


It's a wonderful end to the month because you're feeling so upbeat and cheerful. You're a walking advert for the power of positive thinking, because you're able to view problems as challenges, take things in your stride and not get your knickers in a twist about anything. However, don't let this make you so complacent that you ignore something that really does need your urgent attention and which will cause trouble for you if you leave it for much longer.


As January comes to an end, you're in a loving and tender mood. That's good news for your loved ones because you'll want to show them how much you care about them. This is one of those days when you value your privacy even more than usual, so you won't want to mix with lots of strangers if you can avoid it. Instead, you'll appreciate having some time to yourself, even if the only way to get it is to lock the bathroom door and luxuriate in a long, hot bath.

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