This is a fantastic day for improving the way you communicate with people. Provided, that is, you're prepared to be honest about your short-comings! Analyze your relationships, looking at the failures as well as the successes. What are you doing wrong? What are you doing right? How can you transform the tricky partnerships into something more positive?


It will give you great pleasure to use your brain between now and late September. You might read a lot more than usual, or you could be inspired to put pen to paper yourself. There's quite a lot of luck around you right now, so how about trying your hand at competitions, puzzles or quizzes? You certainly won't win if you don't enter them!


Are you the sort of Gemini who accumulates all sorts of mementos (which the rest of the family probably think of as junk)? Then now is the perfect opportunity to sort through a few of your possessions. You may even be inspired to put some of them in order or to chuck some of them out, especially if you can't even remember why you kept them in the first place.


Have you had some misunderstandings with a certain person lately? If so, spend today trying to sort them out so you can get things back on an even keel. Don't be afraid to say how you feel, although you may have to choose your words carefully to avoid shocking or offending anyone. You want the situation to improve, not to become worse than ever.


If there have been problems or misunderstandings between you and someone recently, this is a fabulous day to iron them out. And it will be easier than you expected, which is a relief. But be prepared to admit to your own part in all the problems, rather than to subtly imply that they're nothing to do with you. Accept your share of the blame and then all will be well.


From today your thoughts turn in a personal direction, making you spend a lot more time than usual thinking about your personal circumstances and needs. This will necessarily be a very self-involved time, although there will be occasions when you need to wrench your thoughts away from your own concerns so you can concentrate on what others are going through.


It's a great day for relationships because you're in a very understanding and sympathetic mood. You're also eager to iron out any wrinkles in your dealings with certain people, and this should be very easy to do. Once all that's out of the way you're ready to have an emotional but instructive conversation with someone special. You'll learn a lot.


You're in a very emotional mood today, Scorpio, and you'll enjoy proving it to some of the special people in your life. Is someone in your sights? Perhaps you're hoping to spend a lot of time with them behind locked doors! Whatever you do, it must have a lot of meaning and give you emotional satisfaction. Nothing less will suffice.


It's great for doing some serious thinking. Think about your goals and ambitions, or about where your life is taking you. You may also have to think about the welfare of an older relative or friend. This will be a good opportunity to listen to other people's advice, provided that you trust their opinions.


You're full of curiosity about the world from today, and it will take a lot to satisfy you. As a result you'll want to explore all sorts of facts and figures, and your idea of heaven will be to relax with a good book or to talk to people who really make you think. If you've been toying with the idea of learning a new language, this is the perfect time to start.


You need to think seriously about your finances, especially those you share with others. These could involve anything from the joint account you share with your other half, or the kitty you share at work, to the money you owe the taxman. Get to grips with these financial arrangements now and, if necessary, work out how you can improve them.


The best way to get on well with partners at the moment is to talk to them. And to listen to them too! So make a point of having deep discussions with some of the people in your life, talking about whatever seems to be important to you both at the time. Take care to explain your thoughts, rather than simply imagine that other people know what you're talking about.

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