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Your world is about to blossom and expand in all sorts of exciting directions, so try not to limit yourself in any way during the coming fortnight. You might get the chance to go travelling, to learn something new or to become involved in a challenging project. You stand to gain a tremendous amount from all these developments, especially if you approach them with optimism.


Close and intimate relationships have been highlighted during the past three weeks, revealing where their strengths and weaknesses lie. So today's New Moon comes as a timely stimulus to set in train any improvements that you want to make. A new relationship might get off the ground now, in which case it will carry enormous significance for you.


Today's New Moon highlights your relationships during the rest of the month. It's a fantastic opportunity to make a commitment to someone, such as moving in with them, getting married or embarking on a business venture together. You may also want to adopt a new strategy with a certain person in order to improve the atmosphere between you.


The coming fortnight is a fabulous opportunity to make some changes to your general state of health, so think about what would benefit you the most. Should you improve your diet so you eat more sensibly or regularly? Could you incorporate more exercise into your daily schedule? Do you need to stop burning the candle at both ends? Or maybe all of the above apply?


Lucky you - you're poised on the brink of a glorious fortnight in which a special relationship is going to blossom and flourish. It might be an existing love affair which keeps getting better and better, or it could be a new alliance that hasn't begun yet. You could also hear some good news about a child or wedding any day now.


If you're a typical Virgo then your family means a lot to you. This might consist of blood relatives or it could be a collection of special friends, depending on your circumstances. Well, you'll enjoy giving them plenty of your attention during the coming fortnight, and there might even be an addition to the family circle. If so, you'll welcome this person with open arms.


You'll enjoy exploring new surroundings and different circumstances during the coming fortnight, especially if these give you the chance to add to your social circle. So if a new neighbor has recently moved into your street, get chatting to them or invite them round for a drink. They might turn out to be your sort of person.


If you're wondering how you're going to be able to afford to splash out during the forthcoming festivities, get out your calculator and devise a sensible budget. However, you must be prepared to stick to it otherwise the whole thing will be a waste of time! If you've got some money to spare, the next two weeks will be a good opportunity to invest it carefully for the future.


The New Moon in your sign adds tinder to the fire, setting light to your ambitions today. This makes you determined to get a lot under your belt during the next few weeks. So where are you going to start? It may help to draw up an itinerary or checklist so you can concentrate on whatever is most important, and map out your strategy accordingly.


How much time do you spend alone? If you have a very busy life or live with other people, your privacy is a very precious commodity that you can rarely enjoy as much as you'd like. Change this situation during the coming fortnight by creating more time for yourself, even if that means getting up before everyone else each morning.


Turn your attention to your hopes and dreams for the future. How are they progressing? Do they always have to take a back seat to more pressing and prosaic concerns? If so, start thinking about how you can spend more time and energy on them, even if you begin in very modest ways. A friend may give you the encouragement you need to get going.


Today's New Moon puts you in the spotlight during the next two weeks. If you've been working hard recently this might be when you finally start to see the results, perhaps putting your name on the map or winning you the respect of your peers. It will also be a fantastic opportunity to take the first steps towards achieving a new goal or ambition.

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