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Today's New Moon promises to bring you lots of happiness and laughter during the coming fortnight. This is the perfect excuse to spend as much time as possible with some of your favourite people, and also to tell them how much they mean to you. You're at your most demonstrative and affectionate right now, and it will give you real pleasure to dispense hugs and kisses in all directions. Everyone else will be thrilled, too!


You've given a lot of time, energy and thought to your domestic environment and family set-up during the past few weeks, and today's New Moon encourages you to put your newly formed plans into action. A New Moon is always an excellent opportunity to get projects off the ground so take as much advantage of it as possible.


The New Moon is encouraging you to talk about whatever is uppermost in your mind, Gem. Rather than keeping your thoughts to yourself, it will be far more productive to discuss them either with the people concerned or with anyone who can help you to marshal your thoughts. You might be taking more short journeys than usual during the rest of July.


Some of your relationships haven't exactly been plain sailing lately, but today you at least get the chance to talk about what's happening. In fact, some of your conversations could be highly productive and searching, so you're left in no doubt about where you stand. If you're currently trying to get to the bottom of a mystery, you should be able to crack it now.


The winds of change are sweeping through your life and the coming fortnight is an excellent time to let them take effect. This will be a fantastic opportunity to take the initiative in some way, or to start something new. If you're bored with your appearance or image, think about how you can improve it. You'll be thrilled every time you look in the mirror!


You really enjoy putting your brain through its paces today, especially if you choose an intellectual pursuit. But don't be surprised if it's difficult to tear yourself away from it! It's great for trying your hand at a crossword puzzle or competition. You could also enjoy getting caught up in a detective story, whether it's in a book or on film.


Your words carry a lot of weight today, whether you're aware of this or not. As a result, you should be careful about what you say to avoid giving the wrong impression or creating undue worry. If you're giving someone a tarot, runes or palmistry reading, or anything else that involves the use of your intuition, it's essential that you take responsibility for everything you say. Thank heavens Mars moves out of your sign today. Phew!


As Mars, your life-ruler moves into your sign, the New Moon gives you a big shot in the arm regarding your goals and ambitions. You might have some fresh ideas about them, making you want to change direction or pursue something totally new. The coming fortnight will be the perfect opportunity to take the initiative in any activities that will boost your reputation or build your confidence.


You're at your most comfortable when you're in situations that you can control, yet during the coming fortnight you'll be encouraged to throw yourself into new situations and uncharted waters in which the outcome is far from certain. But don't worry because this will be an exhilarating and educational experience, and it will add greater depth and insight to your personality.


You have a lot to say for yourself today, especially if you're involved in a philosophical or moral discussion. You'll enjoy debating everyone's opinions and arriving at some form of consensus. If you're taking part in a political or ethical campaign, you'll enjoy spreading the word in some way, but don't ram your opinions down someone's throat if they aren't interested.


Teamwork is the best way forward during the next couple of weeks. You might pair up with someone for work, and find that you make a lot more progress than normal. If you're about to get engaged, married or move in with someone, you couldn't have chosen a more auspicious time to join forces with this person. Your relationship stands an excellent chance of success.


This is a fantastic day for getting your point of view across, dear Pisces. In a very decisive and eloquent frame of mind, you can say what you mean and put your cards on the table. Nevertheless, you had better resist the temptation to try to blind someone with science or talk them into submission using a blizzard of clever arguments as your weapons. Play fair!

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