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Oh oh! It won't take much to make your usual high spirits sink like a stone and start trailing around your ankles today. What's wrong? Are you worried about something or someone, or are you feeling restricted by responsibilities and obligations that you can't get out of? Bear in mind that all your problems are looming large right now but that things are not nearly as bad as they seem. Try to gain a sense of perspective.


Think twice before being drawn into discussions and philosophical arguments today because they'll soon take a serious turn and then it will be difficult to extricate yourself from them. You may also have to listen to someone who gets on their soap box and treats you to a lecture. Try not to behave this way yourself, even though it might be strangely tempting.


It's difficult to keep things in perspective today because they have such a strong tendency to overwhelm or depress you. This is especially true when it comes to your finances, because right now they seem almost too ghastly to contemplate. Whether the situation is really as dire as it appears is neither here nor there as far as you're concerned because you simply can't help taking the bleakest possible view. Even so, try not to lose sleep over it.


If a relationship has been going through the doldrums lately, things will seem even worse than usual today. Yes, it's one of those days when you can't help taking a pessimistic view of whatever is bugging you, whether or not such a gloomy outlook is justified. If you're worried about driving a loved one away, they certainly won't want to be around you when you're pulling such a long face or being such a misery. Cheer up!


You simply don't have as much energy as usual today, so you'll have to pace yourself accordingly. If you try to force yourself to do too much you'll simply run out of stamina at some point and have to admit defeat, which will make you feel embarrassed and possibly even slightly depressed. So do yourself a favor and take things gently for a change. Besides, you've earned a rest!


It feels as if you're wading through treacle today; everything is too much effort and you want to keep a low profile until you're feeling a bit more resilient again. It won't help that any problems you're currently facing are looming even larger than usual, increasing your worries about them and making you feel impotent to do anything about them. Tell yourself firmly that this isn't true.


A certain person is being very strict and it's uncomfortable to be around them for long. Maybe they want you to meet their very high standards, or they're expecting a level of self-discipline from you that seems almost impossible to achieve. They might also be harking back to the good old days and comparing them unfavorably with the here and now. They sound rather unhappy, and they deserve your compassion.


Someone close to you is being rather serious and intense today. They may treat you to a lecture over something they feel strongly about, even if you don't want to hear it. You may also have to tone down your language when you're with them to avoid being ticked off or offending their principles. Alternatively, you'll be the one who's taking life so seriously right now.


The financial outlook isn't as rosy as you would like, and it's getting you down. Maybe you're depressed from having to scrimp and scrape until the next infusion of cash, or you're worried that you're going to have to bail out your other half because they're broke. Try not to let your imagination work overtime so you end up picturing the worst. Things may not be nearly as bad as they seem.


Your energy levels are rather depleted, so you need to take care of yourself. What's more, the situation won't be helped if you have to spend too much time with someone who always puts you on the defensive or who seems to look down their nose at you. If you need to sort out a problem with a certain person and you've been putting it off, you won't feel better until you've gathered up your courage and got it out of the way.


Take care of yourself, Aquarius, as you're lacking in energy today, both physically and emotionally. You could easily become despondent and lethargic when things don't go your way, and there may also be an uneasy atmosphere between you and a woman which only adds to your troubles. Try not to let all this weigh you down and make you feel worse than ever.


Don't panic! Someone is keeping their distance, whether physically or emotionally, and it feels really scary. However, it's unlikely to be as serious or long-lasting as you imagine, so try not to read anything sinister into the situation. Perhaps this person simply needs some time to themselves, or maybe they're miserable and need you to put your arms around them and make them feel better.

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