This is the perfect day for having a good look around your house and garden and deciding whether you need to spend some money, if you have any! For instance, you might realize that it's time to shell out on some DIY or renovations. You don't have to spend masses of money, but this is definitely a good time to make some wise investments.


You'll enjoy keeping busy today, especially if you can let off steam at the same time. You might decide to go for a brisk walk during your lunch hour or visit the gym after work. It certainly isn't a good idea to be completely sedentary unless you have no choice in the matter, because being too inactive could lead to a slight tendency to be irritable or impatient.


You'll be happiest if you can work by yourself today, preferably on activities that have a lot of meaning for you. It will be very satisfying to feel that you've done a good job on something that seems worthwhile. However, don't pass up the chance of a private, confidential chat with someone in which you can talk about your deepest emotions.


This is a brilliant day for getting things done. You don't want to knock yourself out doing everything in double-quick time but you don't want to let projects go on indefinitely, either. After all, you've got other things to do today, such as getting together with a friend or devoting some of your precious spare time to a favourite hobby.


You're raring to go and ready to pull out all the stops today. There's a lot you want to achieve and you're eager to get started. If anyone interrupts you or gets in your way, you won't exactly be rude but you'll make it plain that you can't hang around for long. Ideally, you should be left to your own devices today until you've achieved what you set out to do.


You start the month full of energy and enthusiasm. If you're hoping to turn a dream into reality at some point, try to devote some time to it today so you feel you're achieving something. It's also a great day for getting together with friends and kindred spirits because you'll feel better for seeing them.


You're feeling industrious and businesslike, making it not only a great start to the week but also to the month. You're in the mood to get on with whatever needs to be done, especially if it's getting horribly overdue. Rather than shoving it to the back of your mind and not thinking about it in the hope that it will go away, why not tackle it - and make a good job of it at the same time.


You're in a lively mood, especially if you can be with people who make you think. You'll really enjoy the chance to exchange ideas and get involved in a discussion, and if you need to defend your opinions you'll manage to do so without getting too heated or angry. It's also a good day for arranging a forthcoming journey or trip.


It's a really lively start to the month, because you're full of energy and get-up-and-go. It's great for putting your heart and soul into whatever you do today. Give it your best shot and find out what you can achieve. If you're at work, you'll enjoy a mildly competitive rapport with a colleague.


You're full of beans today, which makes it a great start to August. You're also full of enthusiasm about all sorts of topics, and this will rub off on whoever happens to be around. If you want to talk someone into seeing things from your point of view, or joining you on a forthcoming adventure, you'd better get chatting to them today while you're in full flow.


Want to keep busy? Well, there's no need to go far because you'll find plenty to keep you occupied at home. You might be inspired to do lots of housework or gardening, for instance, or you could have a blitz on your working surroundings and get them into order. You need to stay active today, otherwise you'll soon feel restless and dissatisfied.


You're full of energy and bounce, and you'll feel even more vibrant if you've something exciting to do. It's a lovely day for being with people you care about, especially if you do something energetic together. So if you're with children, you'll enjoy playing with them. If you're by yourself, put on your favourite music and dance your heart out.

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