Would you describe yourself as open-minded? Well, you'll find out today when you're presented with ideas that are unusual, controversial or shocking. Do your best to view these concepts from every angle, rather than responding in a knee-jerk way. There will be a lot for you to think about, so it will help to discuss your thoughts with someone on the same wavelength as you.


You're open to all sorts of new ideas right now, and some of these will teach you a great deal about yourself and about the other people in your life. You could also have some flashes of brilliance now, perhaps inspired by other people's comments or suggestions. Well, don't let them go to waste but, instead, write them down in case you can use them another time.


Have a think about your usual routine. Is it interesting and mentally stimulating? Or is it tedious and mind-numbing? If it's the latter, this is a good day for considering how you can liven things up. You may not be able to work miracles and totally change the structure of your day, but surely there are some things that could be improved.


Your brain is working along very inventive lines today, so enjoy yourself. You can dream up a brilliant creative plan for your next holiday. Try not to feel hidebound by convention or tradition when you're doing this, and be prepared to depart from the true, tried and tested if you feel like it.


Life looks better after yesterday's gloomy atmosphere. Thank goodness! Do something enjoyable and entertaining, such as going out on the town with a friend or inviting someone round to your place. A conversation will be good fun but will also stretch your brain, so it will be a very stimulating experience all round.


You'll come up with some very inventive ideas today, Virgo. It will be fun experimenting a little and being prepared to think along unusual or unorthodox lines. A very stimulating but unconventional discussion with a certain person reveals a new side to both your characters.


This promises to be one of the most enjoyable days in October so make the most of it. You won't want to do anything very onerous or difficult, because you simply aren't in the right mood. Instead, you'd prefer to spend time with some of your favourite people, especially if that involves eating, drinking or doing lots of laughing. You'll also enjoy a trip to the cinema or theatre.


This is a fabulous day for being inventive and clever. You could come up with a brilliant scheme that proves how creative you can be when you're in the right mood, or you might suddenly solve a problem that's been bugging you for ages. Conversations with loved ones will give you plenty to think about, especially if someone says things that take you by surprise.


You're in a very clever and inventive frame of mind today, which is great if you want to do some trouble-shooting. You'll come up with all sorts of good ideas, especially if you can look at old problems from new angles. The trick is not to censor your thoughts or to tell yourself that a certain solution isn't feasible. At this stage, simply let your ideas flow. You can evaluate them later on.


Your spirits are starting to rise again after yesterday's doom and gloom. Maybe you were overreacting and you've now realized that things aren't as bad as they seemed? This is a brilliant day for proving how talented and clever you are, especially if you're at work. There could also be good news about a pay rise or a job-related perk, or a boss or supervisor might pat you on the back.


You're feeling lucky today and you're willing to take a few risks as a result. That's great, but don't be too foolhardy or reckless in case your luck doesn't stretch as far as you thought. This is a brilliant day for going off on your travels, so it's the ideal time to start a holiday. If that isn't possible, either arrange a forthcoming trip or visit somewhere interesting. What you won't enjoy is being stuck in the same familiar place all day long. You need more excitement than that!


Your mind is running along very inventive and clever lines today, and it's exciting to see what it will come up with next. Don't hamper yourself by imposing judgements on the thoughts that come to you. Let the ideas flow and take note of them. You can evaluate them later on when there's less danger of you blocking your source of inspiration.

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