Viewer Review: Dreamcatcher

By: Submitted by: John
By: Submitted by: John

Starting extremely slow, building the backdrop for the story, the movie reminded me of another one of King's book-to-movie translations, It. From the closeness of the main characters to the ill-placed flashbacks I thought, at least in the beginning, that it was going to be one of those build the suspense and scare-the-shit out of you movies. After the movie ended I was still waiting to be scared. Now don't get me wrong- Dreamcatcher did have a few spots in which my nerves were a bit on end just waiting to be shattered, but it never delivered and I was left still wanting and those scary spots I mentioned, well just watch the trailer and you'll see them all.

The point in which I was about to walk out of the movie is when they showed the alien with his cartoony over-sized head and its bulky elephantine body. I just laughed. Now, a scary alien is the ones in the movie Signs. This alien was some sort of bad joke that almost made sick to my stomach just looking at it. Even the worm alien creatures were not up to par in terms of scaring me. I could go on forever about the horridness of these aspects of the movie, but I'll stop here and leave you with this last statement.

Do not watch this movie if you've seen the trailer and expect the movie to be like it. Dreamcatcher is one of the most horrible movies I've ever seen and you'll be saving yourself alot of money ($7.50 each for movies after 5pm).

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