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Winning Numbers: 05-06-07-09-26, Hot Ball: 08
Last Draw: 01/28/2015
Current Jackpot: $4,160,000.00

Cash 25

Winning Numbers: 01-02-10-11-16-19
Last Draw: 01/29/2015

Daily 4

Winning Numbers: 1-4-7-9
Last Draw: 01/29/2015

Daily 3

Winning Numbers: 7-0-9
Last Draw: 01/29/2015



It looks like being a rather frustrating day because you feel you're doing all the work while everyone else puts their feet up. How dare they laze around like this when you're working your fingers to the bone! You won't achieve anything by going into a sulk, so instead take direct action and politely ask them to give you a hand.


Your strange moods of the past couple of days have vanished, leaving you feeling much more sunny-tempered and happy. Celebrate by doing something enjoyable and entertaining, such as going to the cinema or meeting some friends. You'll also enjoy a complete change of scene, so consider a day trip to a nearby town or city that you've always wanted to visit.


The atmosphere is still rather tense, and it's more than likely that someone will lose their temper at least once today. Relations and partners are the most likely culprits, but perhaps they're perfectly justified in getting angry with you? Don't goad them into further furious outbursts by being provocative or touchy, but do listen to their complaints.


Get some paper and write down a list of everything you've got to do over the next few days. You will appreciate feeling organized, and those lists will help you to tackle things in their order of priority. This is also a good day for visiting someone elderly or ill who lives nearby, and who might be feeling lonely or in need of some help. They'll be really pleased to see you.


Prepare yourself for a topsy turvy day, in which everyone gets overheated about things that mean a lot to them. This means that even a simple conversation about doing the shopping could escalate into a shouting match. It's obvious that you need to clear the air about something, so try to thrash out the problems without starting a full-scale war.


Give your brain some exercise, especially if gets your creative juices flowing. For instance, you might read a thought-provoking book or watch a film that makes you think. It's also a great day for putting your ideas down on paper or on your computer, whether you're writing someone a letter, confiding in your diary or working on what you hope will be the greatest novel of the 21st century.


You won't want to stray too far from home today, and you're reluctant to be separated from loved ones as well. Ideally, you should stay in familiar surroundings or within your own four walls, with plenty of special people around you. You're in a nostalgic mood, so don't be surprised if you feel rather sentimental when you start to look back on your life.


Once again, money has the potential to cause trouble, so treat it with respect. This time, the problems could come from your social life, especially if you're planning an outing with some friends. There could be irritable disagreements between you about how much everything should cost, with some of you opting for economy and others choosing extravagance. How are you going to resolve this?


It's another day when you need to watch what you're doing, because now you're feeling rather agitated and irritable. If you're in the mood for an argument you'll soon get it because you'll manage to engineer a shouting match somehow or other. You need to clear the air, but don't let it lead to a massive row in which you say things you don't mean and do things you regret when you've calmed down again.


The past few days have been tough going, but you start to feel much better today. And about time, too! Lift your spirits still further by doing something enjoyable and fulfilling, particularly if it has an international or educational flavor. Maybe you could visit somewhere that's full of history or mystery, or perhaps you'd prefer to take off on a weekend break?


It may not sound very exciting, but this is a great day for catching up with the chores and getting up to date with your finances. So set aside some time to pay bills, check meters or fill in forms, and also to do a few household tasks. Once all that's out of the way, you'll deserve to have a breather and you'll be able to put your feet up with a clear conscience and the satisfaction of knowing you've achieved something.


If you're still recovering from yesterday's power plays, it's hardly surprising that you now feel like a cat whose fur has been rubbed up the wrong way. You're rather scratchy and irritable, and you'll lash out in all directions given even the smallest amount of provocation. Try to direct your anger at the people who deserve it rather than start a squabble with whoever happens to be around at the time.

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