There's no knowing what a certain someone is going to do or say today. If they're usually a very disruptive influence, they could be as nice as pie now, or they may switch from being a pussy cat to a tiger. You're also susceptible to a change in your behavior, especially if you start to question some of the beliefs or morals that you've always abided by until now.


You need to give a loved one plenty of latitude right now, otherwise they'll cut up rough. Do your best not to keep tabs on them too closely or to go into a huff if they haven't got time to see you. This is a day when you need to keep yourself amused, because once you start to get bored you'll feel extremely restless and agitated, and this could easily lead to a temperamental scene with someone.


You're feeling jangled and rebellious, and the more you're expected to toe the line or do the decent thing, the more you'll want to do the complete opposite. Be careful, because adopting such a controversial attitude will end up backfiring on you, especially if you manage to arouse the indignation or disapproval of the powers-that-be. On the other hand, if you want to create total chaos, all you need to do is let rip!


Life is full of surprises today, and not all of them will be enjoyable. The more wedded you are to your routine and the more structured your day is, the more rattled you'll be when things don't go according to plan. If you're on your travels today you should allow plenty of time for your journey in case there are hold-ups on the road or cancellations if you're going by public transport.


Take care because you're in a very restless and unsettled mood today. You're easily bored and are looking for entertaining diversions, or perhaps nothing goes quite the way you planned it and you're starting to feel frazzled by so much uncertainty. A loved one might reveal a new side to themselves, in which case you won't be sure if you like it or not.


You long to break free from what you consider to be ruts and restrictions today. Someone is trying to box you into a corner and they're determined you should live your life in the way they want rather than in whichever way suits you. You might even be tempted to create a major fuss in order to get your point across, but beware of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut.


It's one of those days when you feel unsettled and restless. If you're also dissatisfied with the way your life is at the moment and you're wondering how to change it, it looks as though one of the culprits is your daily routine. Has it got rather tedious and predictable lately? If so, you need to think of how to jazz it up so you can look forward to each day again.


You aren't happy with the status quo today, as it seems boring and predictable. Instead, you're interested in introducing a few changes and doing things differently from normal. So what do you have in mind? Ideally, you should do something before you feel the need to really shake people up or create a massive stir, because otherwise you could easily go over the top and cause a few upsets.


Life is full of interruptions today, making it difficult to stick at anything for long. Even the best plans go awry now, leaving you feeling frustrated and wondering what to do for the best. Try to go with the flow, because there isn't much else you can do when arrangements start to unravel and you have to improvise. Don't worry. Everything will work out OK in the end.


It's very hard to settle down to anything for long today. You aren't in the mood, especially if you'll be doing something that's very predictable or dreary. However, it will definitely help if you can keep switching from one activity to another, or give yourself plenty of short breaks, because that will help to keep you interested in what you're doing. You may also have to contend with several interruptions or distractions.


Get ready for a surprise about something or someone that means a lot to you. You see a loved one in a completely new light or you change your mind about something that's always been very important to you until now. If your relationship with a friend has got bogged down recently this is a good day to try to liven it up again.


You're facing restrictions, rules and regulations today, and you aren't happy about them. They feel as though they're closing in on you, robbing you of free will, or perhaps they're being imposed far too freely by a certain person. You're feeling rebellious, but don't stir up more trouble than you can cope with. Perhaps it would be more prudent to cope with all these restrictions while you have to and then to let off steam when it's safe to do so.

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