You have masses of energy today, even if you're facing a pile of work. Well, your best bet is simply to get on with it, preferably in its order of priority. However, you'll function best if you can alternate bouts of hard work with something completely different. If you're desk-bound, go for a walk. If you're doing some physical exercise, give yourself a relaxing break.


You're blessed with abundant energy and stamina today, and you'll enjoy keeping on the move. For instance, you might decide to visit the gym, or you might prefer to get physical in other, more intimate, ways. If you're taking part in something sporty, you'll be seized by a very competitive spirit.


You'll enjoy dashing around at home today, doing odd jobs and making sure that everything is running smoothly. You may even be inspired to do some cleaning or gardening, even if such tasks aren't usually on your list of top ten favourite activities. Once all that's out of the way, you might want to return to your current project of sorting through your old belongings and keepsakes.


If only it were always this simple to get on well with other people! But it isn't, which is why you should make the most of your current ability to strike the right note with influential people. Today is good for being with partners, close relatives and neighbors, whether you have an ulterior motive or you simply enjoy their company.


This is a terrific day for getting down to some hard work. You want to show what you're capable of, especially if that means getting involved in some sort of competition with other people. You've really got the bit between your teeth right now and will work round the clock if necessary to prove your point. It's a case of pulling out all the stops.


This is a wonderful day for enjoying yourself, especially if you can get together with some of your favourite people. Consider doing something relaxing and fun with them if you have the time, or arrange to get together later in the week. Make contact with loved ones who are far away, too, either by ringing them or sending them an email. You'll feel really good as a result.


You long to be surrounded by familiar faces and places today, and you'll feel that you're missing out if this doesn't happen. It's certainly a day for enjoying your home comforts, perhaps by lazing around doing very little or getting together with your favourite members of the family. You have some interesting thoughts about how to improve the look, atmosphere or value of your home.


You're in a very dynamic mood today, making you keen on getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible. You certainly won't want to hang around, wasting time or twiddling your thumbs, when you could be rushing headlong through the day. You'll be better when you're left to your own devices but it looks like being a sociable day, so you'll have to juggle your activities in order to have some time to yourself.


If you blew your top with someone and you haven't yet apologized, do it today. It's a good day for making amends, because you're in an easy-going and harmonious mood. Do your best to make sure everyone gets on well with everyone else. If you're at work, put a lot of effort into what you're doing as a valuable member of the team.


It's a red-letter day, because some wonderful opportunities could soon come along. Keep your eyes peeled and don't be complacent. You may not get another chance to make the most of them. If you're feeling lucky you might fancy a small bet or gamble, but don't play for high stakes or risk anything you can't afford to lose.


You aren't always keen on showing your feelings, Aquarius, but this is one day when you're happy to do so, provided that you're in the right company. You might even be persuaded to talk about topics that are very dear to your heart or which you normally consider to be very private, but which you're now ready to open up about.


It's an action-packed day, so prepare to be busy. You're in a go-getting mood and you'll enjoy keeping active. It's fun how things go faster than normal. Everyone else has to speed up to keep you company. They may not be able to do that, much to your disappointment, so be understanding about it.

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