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Merkel's Tough Talk Shows Deepening Rift With U.S. Under Trump

Angela Merkel's weekend speech stating that Europe could no longer "fully count on others" were a sign of the widening cracks in the U.S.-German relationship.

Fear and Loathing in the U.K.'s Answer to Trump's Rust-Belt Heartland

Margate is a struggling English seaside town that voted for Brexit.

Trump's Border Wall: A 'Progress' Report

How close is President Donald Trump to making good on his signature promise to build a wall between the United States and Mexico?

Bomber Strikes Ice Cream Parlor Packed With Families; 15 Dead

Surveillance footage that captured the blast showed a large explosion on a tree-lined street filled with cars in Baghdad, Iraq.

ISIS-Linked Militants Plotted to Burn City of 200K to the Ground to Show Strength

"They wanted to show the world that there is an ISIS branch here which can inflict the kind of violence that has been seen in Syria and Iraq," an official said.

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