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Tanks Roll Through 'Chunnel' as Europe Frets About Trump, Russia

The potential need to fast-track forces to the front line served as a reminder of how seriously Washington's allies perceive the Russian threat.

Not Giving Up: Hunt Continues for Hotel Avalanche Survivors

Rescuers searching for survivors in a hotel buried last week in an avalanche are still holding out hope of finding more people alive in the rubble.

Severe Storms Batter Georgia: 11 Dead, 23 Injured

At least 11 people are dead and 23 injured after severe storms struck Georgia, emergency officials said early Sunday.

Thousands Evacuated as Fire Breaks Out at Japanese Plant

Authorities orders the evacuation of at least 3,00o people after a petrochemical plant fire in the city of Arida, Japan.

Marathon Sleuth Catches Runners Pulling a Fast One

All he needs is his laptop to bust bib-swappers and course-cutters.

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