Gun Sales Surge after Connecticut Massacre

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Gun sales are soaring after the renewed talk about gun control sends the gun community scrambling.

Many gun owners think it's just a matter of time before their rights are taken away.

Talk of a renewed assault weapons ban sent sales up as many looked to buy the A-R 15 and other types of rifles once banned by federal law.

They're also buying .223 ammunition, which fits the AR-15, along with high-capacity magazines also covered by the old law.

"The assault weapon ban is going to come back into effect or the high capacity magazines are going to be limited," says Carl Balderson , owner of Carl's Pawn Shop in Parkersburg. "A lot of gun owners are 'well, I want one more before they pass this law' or 'I want the high capacity clips,' so they're running out and buying them right now prior to a ban."

Balderson says his first reaction to the Connecticut shooting is there are a lot of nuts out there and it's the nut behind the trigger that perpetrates the act of violence.

He says Adam Lanza was too young to even buy a gun.

Balderson says knowing Lanza had a medical problem his mother never should've let him have access to her guns.

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