Thanks a Lot, Frances!!!

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Driving Route 821 north of Marietta could be described in two words: Forget it. The owner of a tree-trimming business probably thought he had to cross the Atlantic Ocean to get there.

"Well, I could make it through," said Troy Luke, owner of Luke's Tree Service. "If I got on the other side, I'd be stuck over there."

And the water came up the way it almost always does - fast.

"I came through about 5:00 this morning, and it was clear," says to Deputy Scott Mankins of the Washington County Sheriff's Department. "You can look at it come up as you sit here."

The farther north you went, the worse it was. By mid-morning, lower Salem’s town hall was under water.

"I've seen the water get up many a time," said Paul Burnside, who recently moved back to the area after living several years in Northeastern Ohio. "But this is the second-highest I've seen it."

Hit perhaps the worst was the village of Elba. The same homes surrounded by water in the storms of 1998, were surrounded again.

As bad as it is here now, it has been worse. Six years ago, the high water came up to the bottom step of this home along state route 821.

"It was up to the eves on this building," said Elba resident David Hesson, "and to the second floors of these homes. It's not as bad as it was before."

Indeed, residents have seen this happen before. They just didn't want to see it again.