Planned Power Outage to Affect 7,000 Allegheny Power Customers

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There's a planned power outage for Allegheny Power customers in Wirt county and portions of Wood, Jackson, and Roane counties Wednesday.

Allegheny Power Manager of Corporate Communications Alan Staggers said power will be shut off to 7,000 customers in these areas from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m. Wednesday, August 18.

Work will be done on four substations and a transmission line at that time.

According to Staggers, no matter when outages are planned it will affect someone.

He recommends if you have air conditioning set the thermostat a little lower then usual beforehand to pre-cool. Plus close blinds or curtains on the sunny side of the house and maybe open windows in the heat of the day.

Staggers said the following areas will be affected:
-all Wirt county customers
-West Virginia Route 47 from Kanawha to Freeport, Kites Run and Leechtown, Walker Road to Volcano Road on Rt. 47
-West Virginia Route 14 in Mineral Wells from south of the grade school to the county line
-Butcher Bend Road, Sistersville and Slate Creek Road
-West Virginia Route 21 from Salsbury to the county line
-Wadesville Lockport Road area to Rt. 21
-Pond Creek Road from Wolf Run to West Virginia Route 29
- In Jackson county the communities of Beattysville, Medina, Lockhart, Leftfork
-Area around Sandyville and Liverpool
-Along Rt. 14 from Wirt county line to the town of Reedy in Roane county

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