Back to School with No Air Conditioning

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As students and teachers prepare to head back to school, the heat of summer is sticking around; making for some muggy classrooms.

Spanish teacher, Jade Thompson is ready for another school year. The only problem is:

"My classroom's like an oven. It's very hot. The first couple of weeks of teaching is grueling," Thompson said.

Marietta High School is one of many school's in the area without the luxury of air conditioning.

"Back when the building was built in the mid to late '60s, it was an architectural marvel, but I believe they did not take into account that there's not much air flow," Principal William Lee said.

You can already feel the heat walking down the hallways, and that's without the crowd of students. So, the school has strategically placed fans throughout the building to help keep things cool.

Along with fans, the school also keeps upper floor windows open on cool nights, and teachers like Thompson often turn off the lights.

"Sometimes I'll bring popsicles in the afternoon, so kids can have something refreshing. And obviously I let them have cold drinks with them all day long," Thompson said.

"We wanna keep them hydrated. We have a nurse on duty in case somebody does have a little bit of heat exhaustion. They're prepared to help them in any way," Lee said.

Lee says air conditioning is hopefully on the horizon. It's a matter of looking at different upgrades and having the budget to purchase them.

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