Hino Motors To Celebrate New 2011 Truck

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Updated 08/18/2010 5:52 PM

In an economy that's still struggling after nearly three years...good news continues to come from one local plant.

It's almost ironic that Hino made the announcement that it was opening a new plant in Williamstown three years ago...at a time when the national economy was slowly heading toward recession. And as the economy continues to struggle, the medium-duty truck manufacturer continues to steadily add to the facility...and its job base.

"They've expanded their employment here, and they've taken a bigger market share," says Keith Burdette, President of the Area Roundtable.
"This is a great opportunity to be part of another milestone in their history."

And the Mayor of Williamstown believes the economic benefits reach beyond her city.

"We're real excited to be a positive note in the economy here in the Mid-Ohio Valley," says Mayor Jean Ford. "I think it's really a positive area we're living in. Some of the other plants are hiring too, so we're really fortunate here in the valley."

And some evidence of the benefits can be found right across route 14 from Hino...in the form of Fontaine Modifications, which established its business to customize Hino trucks for select owners.

"I'm actually kind of hopeful that, as the economy improves, and I think Hino becomes a more readily identifiable player in the commercial truck market," Burdette says, "that the company will grow, and support companies will want to gravitate a little more toward this facility."


Updated 08/17/2010 5:44 PM

One of the valley's fastest growing manufacturing plants plans a ceremony next week to unveil its new truck line.

Hino Motors Manufacturing, USA, will hold a "line off" ceremony next Monday, August 26...which will include appearances by area dignitaries and Hino company officials.

Earlier this summer, Plant Manager Joe Chronley indicated an increase in employment was planned at the Williamstown facility...which is the company's only u-s based commercial truck manufacturing site.


Williamstown, W.Va. (AP) -- Hino Motors Manufacturing USA Inc. is preparing to roll out its new 2011 model truck.

The company plans to hold a line off ceremony Aug. 23. public tours of the Williamstown plant also will be held.

The Williamstown plant is Hino's only commercial truck manufacturing facility in the U.S.

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