Update: More Arrests Anticipated in Marijuana Search

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UPDATE: Wednesday, August 18 3:15 p.m.

Authorities are going to the root of the drug problem by locating hundreds of marijuana plants in Washington County; and they say their work is far from over.

After a two day county-wide search, law enforcement has seized about 750 pot plants.

Sheriff Larry Mincks says the next step is to begin checking for things like finger prints, growing materials and looking for others who may be involved in the growing or purchasing process.

He says overall, he's pleased with the operation.

"We have actually recovered more in the last couple of days than totally in the last few years in Washington County. So we're considering it a very huge success so far, and we're not finished," Sheriff Mincks said.

So far only one arrest has been made, but Sheriff Mincks is anticipating more in the near future.

Tuesday, 60-year-old Rhonda Sue Rublee was arrested when her home became a target in the search.

Agents with the Major Crimes Task Force found 372 marijuana plants and more than 13,000 grams of marijuana in and around Rublee's home.

Tuesday, August 17

Hundreds of marijuana plants have been found in Washington County thanks to the joint effort of several law enforcement agencies.

During a two day search, authorities have been all over the county by land and air searching for the plants.

As of Tuesday afternoon, officials had seized more than 400 of them: some in isolated areas, and some right out of people's yards and homes.

They say the key to solving this type of crime is to outsmart those who are growing the pot.

"Sometimes there were single plants, and in some of them there were ten plants. So, they try to do it so that it throws off the investigation," Lt. Brian Schuck with the Washington Co. Sheriff's Office said.

Some of what was found will be kept as evidence to form cases against people believed to be growing the marijuana.

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