Man Admits to Making Up Armed Robbery Story

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The investigation into an alleged armed robbery at a Marietta thrift store has led police to the conclusion there was no robbery.

It happened last Thursday when Marietta Police responded to a call from an employee of the Salvation Army thrift store; claiming he'd been robbed.

Now that employee, 42-year-old Johnny Arick, is facing charges of falsification and tampering with evidence.

Police say Arick admitted to making up the entire story about a masked man with a gun and a knife.

They say Arick had claimed the man cut him on the face, which turned out just to be a cut from yard work.

Police say this made-up story resulted in a waste of time and manpower.

"It took a great deal of resources away for nothing when there wasn't even a robbery in the first place," MPD Captain Jeff Waite said.

Arick made his first court appearance Wednesday morning where he was referred to a public defender.

Court officials say the next step will be to schedule a preliminary hearing.

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