Back to School Bargain Shopping

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It's "back to school" time, and that often means buying new clothes and school supplies for students. Because of tough times, more parents are on the hunt for bargains.

Sally McKitrick is shopping for her grandson who's going into his first year of middle school. For her, the Goodwill in Marietta is the store of choice.

"Just going through, I found some name brand shirts," McKitrick said.

Good clothes for low prices is something employees say can easily be found.

"We have a lot of name brand clothes in here that the kids can buy," Renea Ross, an employee said. "Some are new. We don't put out anything that's torn or stained or anything. It's very nice clothes."

More and more students are going back to school wearing bargain clothing, and just a fun fact for parents: thrift store have more than just clothes.

"We have backpacks that are new goods. We also have backpacks that are donated that are really nice and cheaper," Ross said.

Backpacks, other school supplies and the clothes help make Goodwill a one-stop shop for customers like McKitrick.

"I'm just tryin' to get the bargains I can get. You have to nowadays with the economy," McKitrick said.

An economy that has many shoppers looking to get more bang for their buck.

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