Ohio Considering Raising Freight Truck Weight Limit

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A proposal in Ohio could benefit trucking companies in the state.

Governor Ted Strickland's administration wants to raise the weight limit for certain freight trucks.

The plan calls for trucks carrying international shipping containers to be able to reach the limit of 94,000 pounds, rather than the current 80,000 pounds.

However, critics are concerned the extra load will damage the roads.

We caught up with the president of a local trucking company who says by adding an extra axle to these trucks, the roads won't suffer any extra damage, and that this legislation would actually help highway safety.

"What we'll find is that we'll actually make the highways safer because we will reduce the number of trucks that it will take to carry the same number of pounds of material. That reduces the number of trucks on the highway," Scott Elliott, president of Marietta Industrial Enterprises, said.

Elliott says if this becomes a law, there would be a dramatic improvement in truck line profits.

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