Avoiding Contaminated Eggs

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More than 1,000 cases of food poisoning is the reason behind a massive egg recall, leaving many shoppers cautious about which eggs are safe to buy.

Weber's Market in Marietta isn't having any trouble selling eggs because they all come from a local farmer.

The half a billion eggs said to be contaminated are from two farms in Iowa.

So as experts work to crack the case of what's causing the salmonella, one way to avoid getting it is to buy local eggs.

"I'm not throwing' away any eggs and nobody's bringing a bunch of eggs back to me, so we're happy that we support the local farmer and the customer gets a good product," Tony Weber, owner of Weber's Market, said.

Health experts say the majority of eggs across the nation are safe to eat.

To find out if eggs in your refrigerator are affected, log on to www.eggsafety.org.

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