No Liquor Sales Saturday

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One side of the Ohio River will be a little drier this Saturday; meaning less liquor sales.

As West Virginians head to the primary polls for the late Robert C. Byrd's U.S. Senate seat, no liquor will be sold in stores.

This doesn't affect liquor sold in bars or restaurants, or the purchasing of beer and wine in stores.

This is nothing new to election day, but most elections don't fall on a Saturday, so it's causing some extra leg work for places that sell it; like the North End Market in Parkersburg.

"Most the clubs know it because we put the things in their orders, and we've tried to tell everyone that we know that we won't be open on Saturday. Well, we'll be open but not for liquor," Harold Wilkes, president of the company that owns North End Market, said.

He says because of those promotions, he only expects the store's sales to be down about five percent this week.

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