Preparing Future Teachers for Future Technology

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Technology continues to advance right before our eyes, and it now plays a major role in education.

Apple's iPad hit the market this past winter, and is now making its way into classrooms; like the education department at Marietta College.

"I can type notes. I can open and read documents. I can send documents," Carolyn Backus, an MC professor, said.

Backus uses her iPad all the time and believes it could benefit her students in their own careers.

"The touch screen is just addictive. If I can use that to motivate a student and get them to read, or get them to learn the alphabet or do math problems," she said.

"Kids can have a dictionary at the touch of their hand. I mean it's right here," Tara Eddleblute, an MC student, said.

Eddleblute is an aspiring kindergarten teacher and can remember what technology was like when she was in kindergarten.

"If we even had a computer in our room, it was a really big computer that we hardly ever used. Maybe the teacher used it and we got to sit there and do a reading game or something on it," Eddleblute said.

"If I only had to carry home an iPad and all my books were on this, I mean think of the back problems you wouldn't have later," Backus said.

According to, the iPad is just 1.5 pounds and only half an inch thick.

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