Nelsonville Man Raises a Stink

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A police standoff in Nelsonville between 60-year-old Danny Simms and Athens County Sheriff's Department ended Monday evening after 14 hours of negotiations.

The standoff was over an issue that Simms has fought Athens County over for about a year, a drainage culvert that Simms claims has been leaking sewage onto his property.

He had blocked the culvert off and the Athens County Health Department had demanded he unplug it because it was flooding his neighbors' yards.

Simms refused and went to court. He was found guilty.

When he still did not comply with Judge Ward's orders to unblock the culvert, the Athens County Sheriff's Department was called in to arrest him.

Simms was waiting for them Monday morning at 9 a.m. When they arrived he was high atop a 40 foot tower with a gun.

Reinforcements were called in from Washington County and the FBI. A negotiator communicated with Simms via cell phone and he eventually came down after some assurances were made, including a promise that his case concerning the sewer culvert would be looked at again.

Danny Simms, Sr. and his son Danny Simms, Jr. are both serving time in the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail.