Students Turn Out for Edwards

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Shouting "Shame on George Bush," it was U.S. Congressman Ted Strickland who whipped this crowd into a frenzy, but on a sultry late summer night, John Edwards turned the heat up higher.

"For the people of Ohio, if you love George Bush so much, that you're willing to take four more years, then you ought to vote for him," the North Carolina U.S. Senator told the audience. "If not, you ought to vote for John Kerry and a change in America."
And he played to a large student crowd with a call to make college more affordable.

"George Bush came into office promising to help people to go to college," Edwards said. "Then he tried to cut 84,000 students off Pell Grants. That's wrong, and we can do better."

While Edwards' speech drew a mostly partisan audience, there were people who came to see Edwards, who support President Bush.

"Kerry says one thing in one speech, and another thing in another speech," student Mike Hunsaker said after the speech. "I thought (Edwards' speech) was hypocritical."

"The protestors won't let (Edwards) talk, because they want to listen to what he has to say," said student Maria Swurchowsky. "But I thought it was a wonderful speech."

And both sides went home, believing they got their message out.