Meigs County Water Problems

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Football teams often get swamped by their opponents, but Friday the Meigs Eastern High School football field is what's under water.

"When that water goes down, we're probably going to be losing some roads and infrastructure."

The county's Disaster Services director is fielding phone calls even as he's looking at the creeks and small rivers overflowing their banks.

"It started raining about midnight and we probably have four inches," said Disaster Services director Bob Byer. "When these waters come up, there's no place for it to go."

There has been concern the Ohio River could rise to a record level in Pomeroy, but as of Friday afternoon, the big river wasn't the most immediate problem; a lighthouse church outside Pomeroy looked more like a real lighthouse with high water surrounding it. In fact, the waters had come up so fast that motorists were caught off guard.

"Usually I go through Pomeroy," said motorist Austin Gross, "but I know it's been flooded since this morning and I'm just trying to find my way back in."

The flooding was blocking major roads Friday afternoon as well. They included Ohio Route 7 between Pomeroy and Gallipolis, and U.S. Route 33 just outside of Pomeroy.