Oh, Deer! Use Caution On The Roads

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Fall means a lot of things; apple cider, pumpkins, Halloween and Thanksgiving. According to USSA Insurance however, fall also means an average of 69% more animal vehicle collisions than in the spring.

"It's the time of year that the deer are starting to mate. And they are becoming more active and moving around," Sgt. Richard Rhodes of the Wood County Sheriff's Office says. "Plus, we're getting into hunting season. People are getting into the woods. So, they are coming out closer to the roads and crossing roads."

According to one report the mountain state has the highest rate of animal-vehicle collisions. South Dakota, Iowa, Montana and Michigan round out the top five. But be aware motorists, there are signs to warn of the places where deer have been known to become a nuisance.

"Anytime you're on a highway and you see the deer crossing signs that means that that is a place where they quite frequently do cross," Sgt. Rhodes continues. "You have to be a little more cautious. Watch the sides of the road. If you see one you need to make sure to start slowing down because they are very unpredictable."

If an unpredictable deer does end up colliding with your vehicle authorities say call your closest law official.

"The best thing to do is get your car to safety. Don't go up to the deer because he could be alive and kick you and hurt you. Call your law enforcement people to come out and help you with it and do whatever reports you need," Sgt. Rhodes adds. " If the deer needs dispatched then they can take care of that. The main thing is to make sure you're safe."

According to the USSA the average cost of repairs after a deer collision is over $2,800.

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