Field of Nightmares

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People are still trying to determine how much the flood of 2004 hurt them this week.

Throughout the weekend and until Monday, Marietta's Don Drumm Stadium was under water. It's now dried out, but a lot of mud still remains, and Marietta College, which owns the stadium, won't know the condition of the playing field for a few days.

"We are following all the instructions by the field turf company, which is to allow the field to dry," says Marietta College athletic director, Debbie Lazorik. "Officials from field turf will be here Monday. We had sent them pictures; they are in the process of assessing the situation and will come in Monday and help us formulate the plan for the cleaning."

The field hosts games for both Marietta College and Marietta High School. Its next event isn't until a week from Friday.