Mayor: "It Could Take Weeks, Months, Even Years"

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Gov. Bob Taft saw the damage on Monday, followed by a visit by a federal emergency official on Wednesday.

It was U.S. Sen. Mike Dewine who visited Marietta Friday afternoon. The senator saw everything from the insides of businesses the most visible sign of the high water, the city's giant sinkhole.

“I just left a business with four or five people who were helping to get mud off merchandise," the senator said. "They were in an assembly line where they were hosing it down. These are people helping other people."

And in a situation like this, like September 11th, politics takes a back seat. The city's mayor, a Democrat, has accompanied these Republican officeholders on all their visits, but he says there's no quick fix to this problem.

"I know for some folks, it’s going to be weeks or months or even years," Mayor Michael Mullen said. "So, the fact that the community really has pulled together, that will get the job done."

And that's just Marietta. All of Washington County is dealing with this, with problems ranging from downed bridges to property covered not by water, but by mud.