The Doctor Is STILL In

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If it had been able to take action 45 minutes earlier on September 17 when the water wasn't yet up to its door, Marietta's QuickCare would still be in business on Pike Street, but like so many other businesses, it too was caught by surprise by advancing flood waters.

"When we opened on Saturday, it wasn't very long before we had to essentially get out before we had to swim out.”

And while its computer files were kept at the main Parkersburg office, charts for its Marietta patients were virtually destroyed.

“As far as the doctor notes and what happened in writing, those are gone," Whalin says. "They were completely ruined. If it was in the chart, it's lost now."

QuickCare reopened earlier this week at a temporary location on Colegate Drive, and while it's not certain whether it will reopen on Pike Street, it is determined to find a new, permanent location in Marietta.

“We'll be here. We're committed to Marietta," Whalin pledges. "We have an office that could become permanent if need be."

QuickCare's Parkersburg locations were not affected by the high water.

Dr. Whalin says the temporary location has had about 50 patients since it opened its doors at 416 ½ Colegate Drive.