Mixed Reaction to First Debate

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Reaction to Thursday night's presidential debate was as mixed locally as it was across the nation.

Opinion polls indicate John Kerry won the first face-off, although one poll says President Bush leads the race by the same margin as before the debate.

We also found different reactions among people we interviewed Friday at Parkersburg's City Park who say they were watching Thursday night.

"I give Bush the benefit of a doubt," says Ron Trippett, "but from what I've heard about what's going on, I think I'm going to go with Kerry.”

"President Bush did a fairly adequate job of presenting himself," says Rod Waybright, "compared to other speeches he's made."

"I think my opinions of them are the same," says undecided voter Nancy Hawkins. "I think I'm going to wait for a while and see."

The vice-presidential candidates debate Tuesday night in Cleveland.