More Than Superman

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Actor Christopher Reeve's battle with neck and spinal cord injuries ended over the weekend, but his film legacy lives on, particularly in the four "Superman" films Reeve starred in during the 1970s and '80s.

"Christopher Reeve has been synonymous with Superman," says Dave Pasadyn, owner of Dave's Video in south Parkersburg. "Even with younger kids when they saw it on TV, and people our age. The first (movie) came in 1978, so people are familiar with it. Everybody associates Christopher Reeve with Superman."

And his contributions to the big screen didn't end with the man of steel, or even with his crippling injury nearly a decade ago.

"He was in a really good drama, 'Somewhere in Time'", Pasadyn recalls. "Then he was in a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's thriller, 'Rear Window', which was one of his last pieces he ever did."

Reeve's last contribution to film was as director of the television movie, "The Brooke Ellison Story” earlier this year.

Here's the rest of Reeve's acting credits, from the Associated Press:


"A Step Toward Tomorrow" 1996
"Village of the Damned" 1995
"Speechless" 1994
"The Remains of the Day" 1993
"Noises Off" 1992
"Switching Channels" 1988
"Superman IV: The Quest for Peace" 1987
"Street Smart" 1987
"The Aviator" 1985
"The Bostonians" 1984
"Superman III" 1983
"Monsignor" 1982
"Deathtrap" 1982
"Somewhere in Time" 1980
"Superman II" 1980
"Superman" 1978
"Gray Lady Down" 1978


"The Brooke Ellison Story" 2004 (director)
"Rear Window" 1998 (executive producer)
"Christopher Reeve: A Celebration of Hope" 1998 (producer)
"In the Gloaming" 1997 (director)
"Without Pity: A Film About Abilities" 1996
"Black Fox: Good Men and Bad" 1995
"Black Fox: The Price of Peace" 1995
"Black Fox" 1995
"Above Suspicion" 1995
"The Sea Wolf" 1993
"Nightmare in Daylight" 1992
"Death Dreams" 1991
"Bump in the Night" 1991
"The Rose and the Jackal" 1990
"Great Escape II: The Untold Story" 1988
"Anna Karenina" 1985
"I Love Liberty" 1982
"The Muppets Go Hollywood" 1979
"Love of Life" (TV series) 1974-76