Still Carving

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Imagine making someone smile just by doing what you love. That's what life's been like for Parkersburg resident Dewey Anderson.

Anderson has been carving wood for more than 30 years. He even made the tools used to create his little masterpieces.

"I make the knives for the job I want to do my eyes are adapted to the various kind of works I want to do," said Anderson.

At 94, Anderson had a hard time seeing what he's working on, but he doesn't plan on giving up his hobby anytime soon.

"Just as long as I can see, it's not only relaxing, it's a challenge. To keep my eyesight and work on something like this, instead of giving up," Anderson said.

Anderson's been working with his hands all his life.

His interest in woodcarving was sparked after taking a shop class. He's made everything from Santa Claus, to chickadees and even clocks that look like butterflies.

Anderson, who is a retired teacher, isn't truly retired from the teaching profession. He spends two days a week teaching his son-in-law the tricks of the trade.

Anderson turns 95 this Oct. 14.