Economics or Politics?

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Sheriff Ralph Trussell said another $244,000 is needed to keep all of his employees on the job, and that's just until the end of the year.

The county commissioners said they don't have that kind of money, but some people don't believe that.

"It's just another political deal in our little town of Pomeroy," said resident Harry Bailey.

"Why are we getting a new face on our courthouse when the police aren't here," wonders Rhonda Moon. "I think they have to get the police here first, and let the glamour come later."

While some people question the needs of the sheriff's department, others said they would support a tax increase to keep the deputies employed.

"We're overtaxed," said Golda Roush, "but we still have to have the protection, so they have to do something."

"With the sheriff's department not here, it could result in a crime increase," said John Young, who works for the Gallia-Meigs Community Action Agency. "That's something we definitely don't need."

Trussell said he came up with an unexpected $14,000 when some of the deputies being laid off chose not to take their vacation pay with them.